The Corona pandemic has changed many things: how we work, how we communicate with each other, and also how we handle our clients’ needs. Our working environment changed from one day to another, and we’ve been working from home since March with just a few days in the office during summer when it was safe. So, we thought that with 2020 coming to an end — finally — it would be a good idea to share with you some thoughts and learnings we’ve gathered from both business and personal perspectives.

New circumstances, same performance

We can proudly say that we…

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This isn’t your usual David versus Goliath story exactly. It’s more: Goliath finds David’s ideas cool and sexy, and so they hook up and start working together. In fact, in recent years many established corporations have actively been looking for startups to buy. Tim Cook, for instance, has declared that Apple buys a company every three weeks on average. And Amazon is planning to spend USD 2.2 billion acquiring private companies this year, compared to USD 550 million in 2019. So, what are the main reasons behind such acquisitions, and are there alternative avenues that big business and startups can…

Today, we expect to be able to track what we buy. Whether buying gadgets, clothes or food online, real-time tracking gives us peace of mind, reassuring us that our “investment” is on the way and not lost somewhere. So the question is, why don’t we have the same attitude when it comes to charity fundraising?

Most of the time, especially in the current pandemic situation we’re experiencing, we donate money without ever knowing how it was spent and if the charity we collaborated with was legitimate. People want to know exactly where their contribution ended up and if it made…

With the coronavirus spreading throughout the world, startups are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to help scientists develop a vaccine in order to halt and reverse its spread. How can AI help in medicine generally and how can the technology be used to develop medication and vaccines to stem future epidemics?

AI as a true “all-round talent” for medicine

AI has the potential to be applied in various ways in medicine: It can structure healthcare data, identify and summarize a patient’s historical medical records. AI is also used to identify clinical similarity between patients, helping to understand which…

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What does the landing gear of a Boeing 737 have in common with a one-story house in Cambodia? They are both being tracked using blockchain technology by an innovative US startup, Ubitquity LLC. Although these use cases may seem worlds apart, they both stem from a common technical challenge: how to securely and verifiably trace the origin of physical items in the digital world.

As we previously discussed, conventional online records are prone to manipulation. For instance, 30% of property documents in the US are not reliable due to past data breaches. …

When people hear the words “blockchain gaming”, they often think of games like CryptoKitties, the Ethereum-based gaming platform that gained popularity a few years ago. But blockchain gaming is much more than just selling and buying virtual kittens — it is now being used to manage the purchase and trade of collectible in-game assets in more conventional games. This not only benefits millions of developers and gamers, but also the entire crypto ecosystem. Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Gaming is part of mainstream culture

Gaming in all its forms has shown significant growth across the world and has…

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The January sales are over for another year. And it’s quite probable that most of us succumbed and bought something highly unsuitable simply because it was so cheap, which will now sit unloved before making its inevitable journey to the landfill site. It’s fast-fashion, and despite our best intentions, it seems to be here to stay. But what if we would at least like to know more about what exactly we are buying in order to make better choices?

The answer is that it is not that easy. For instance, when you see a pullover the only information you will…

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At THE RELEVANCE HOUSE, we love chatting to exciting new brands and hearing their stories. We recently met Philipp Mayer and Lukas Pünder from CANO, a young shoe brand based in Germany, but producing in Mexico. Philipp and Lukas founded the brand in 2016 with the aim of creating unique leather shoes inspired by the traditional Mexican Huarache shoes. And they wanted their products to be produced in a fair and sustainable manner for both manufacturers and consumers. In order to do this, they had to know every single step of their supply chain. You might think that this is…

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In the past decade, technology has had a colossal impact on a wide range of economic sectors. However, real estate has been more resistant to change than many other domains due to complex, bureaucratic legacy processes that have become embedded over generations. Nevertheless, real estate has some real problems, so change is now inevitable. In this article we’ll discuss the main issues faced by the real estate sector and how distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be used to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.

Data mess

One word comes to mind when talking about real estate data: a mess. The main…

By The Relevance House. on Altcoin Academy

There has been a growing number of public trials of blockchain-based voting systems recently. One reason for this flurry of activity is the increased emphasis on election security in the wake of the 2016 US presidential elections. While the electoral interference mainly involved social media manipulation and fake news, it has also turned attention to the outdated and insecure e-voting equipment in the US.

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